Best of British: Tea and Coffee Shops

Britain loves a brew, and there are more outlets serving hot beverages than ever before. We’ve selected some of the most innovative

Quilliam Brothers, NEWCASTLE

Quilliam Brothers

A late-night tea house with cinema and gallery space, Quilliam Brothers has set about changing the landscape of Newcastle’s nightlife. The establishment, run by brothers Sam, Patrick and Tom is open until midnight and offers a comfy place to try almost 60 types of tea from around the world.

The business originated from many trips to Budapest and an appreciation of the city’s evening culture. “Tom was living there,” remembers Patrick. “We visited him a lot and got to know the city’s tea-house scene.” The brothers shared a vision not only for serving great tea, but also providing an alternative to the pubs and clubs of their home city.

“Newcastle is well known for its nightlife, but it’s mostly a boozy one,” says Patrick. “We wanted to provide a laid-back, safe atmosphere to meet up, read, work, or whatever you like.” After a few years of selling loose teas online, Quilliam Brothers opened last year—and they’ve learned a lot about balancing business and family relations. “We have our moments,” admits Patrick, “but we work on the basis that everything can be resolved. After all, we know that mum wants us all round the dinner table on Sunday.”

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