7 Great British inventions that changed the world

The world might not have shaken when these things were first invented, but these 7 Great British inventions have made a huge impact on our lives since their first conception. Many we can't imagine life without. From the television to the world wide web and everything in between...


John Logie Baird, 1925

The Television, Great British invention

We could nit-pick here, as plenty dabbled with the concept of a rudimentary TV. But Baird, another Scotsman, deserves to be honoured as the man who first transmitted moving images via a box.

In the early days of his career, Baird used tea chests, hatboxes, darning needles and various other domestic objects to construct his designs. Although primitive, Baird’s idea, based on the Nipkow disk (a previous invention by the German Paul Nipkow), utilised two spinning cardboard discs punched with holes, similar to a child’s flicker book. A tiny Maltese cross was the first transmitted image, while office boy William Taynton was the first person to appear on TV in 1925 (he was too scared to move, and had to be bribed into motion to convince audiences he was real).

Baird went on to develop his idea further, but his inventions faltered as more advances involving electronic transmission came into play. But without his pioneering attempts, just think of the time we could have saved not watching Downton Abbey or Sherlock.

Image Source: Wikimedia

This next invention has us all connected and has diverted our eyes from the television screen....

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