Whether you fancy a fresh cup of coffee, a massage or just a parking spot, these gadgets have the solution...

Panasonic CF-33 Toughbook, £2,627

Ever accidentally smashed a gadget on a concrete floor? Me too—an involuntary spasm is all it takes. So there’s certainly a market for rainproof, shockproof, indestructible devices. But Panasonic’s laptop is so absurdly “tough”, it’s like lugging around a bag of bricks.

Even when divided in half, with the glove-enabled touchscreen detached to form a tablet, it’s still heavy to hold. The mouse trackpad is laggy, and the built-in fan makes an ugly whirr.

Still, if you literally work on a building site, this could be your dream machine.


Bonaverde Berlin, $700

It’s rare to experience a genuine world-first, but here’s one: a coffee machine that brews one litre of fresh coffee from unroasted beans in 20 minutes.

That’s right—this all-in-one gizmo actually roasts and grinds green beans, delivered straight to your door from a farm in Nicaragua, then filters them into delicious hot coffee, all at the push of a button.

The sheer audacity of the concept is compelling, and of course, the coffee tastes wonderfully fresh. The design is a bit clunky, and the unit is too large, but if Bonaverde flog enough of these first-generation models to fund a more compact iteration, I’ll be first in line.

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Prynt Pocket, £149

This little device makes printing instant photos from your iPhone idiot-proof. All you need to do is slot in a photo cartridge (a pack of 40 sheets is £20), download the Prynt app and dock your phone through the lightning connector—no wi-fi, Airplay or Bluetooth connection is necessary.

It then really is as simple as allowing the printer to access your photo library, Instagram or Snapchat feed and pressing “Print”.

The experience is roughly akin to an old-fashioned passport photo booth—the colours are muted, but the process is fun. The photos can be used as stickers, too.


Apple app of the month: JustPark, free

 Enter the postcode of your destination (or search a term, such as “Bristol Station”) and this nifty app will plot out the various different parking options available to you, and direct you there.

It includes plenty of information on council-run and metered parking, but it also offers options to book reservable spaces in off-street car parks, and even on private driveways


Android app of the month: Urban Massage, free

Residents of London, Manchester and Birmingham can use this app to summon a qualified, insured massage therapist. They turn up with their own massage table and oils—all you need is a couple of towels.

Pick from treatments including deep tissue, sports or pregnancy. Sure, having a massage in your sitting room is a less luxurious than a treatment in a spa—but far more convenient.


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