It is just over three months since Reader’s Digest UK was acquired by Mike Luckwell.  In that time a number of major changes have been made. The look of the magazine has been improved and the company is now trading profitably.

Reader’s Digest is part of a small group of companies being built up focused on the ‘Frisky Over 50s’ who now represent a third of the population and hold 80% of the nation’s wealth.

Reader’s Digest now shares an operational infrastructure with another group company, Simply Media, which also has a large data base. This is the fourth such acquisition of a Database by the group which now has over two million Names.

The concept is that the Sales and Marketing Strategy being adopted facilitates not only Magazines but Products and Services to be sold to this wider database. Data mining is key to the group’s policy for the future.

The recently announced deal with Responsible Life is the first to be concluded in a series of partnerships being negotiated.

Reader’s Digest is now in the process of changing to a more Digital model and the website is a focus of the company’s attention. A new transactional website is just about to be introduced and a further 500 articles are being added to the site to stimulate additional traffic. Increased use of video is also planned for the next couple of months. Remedial steps are being taken to improve circulation.

Mike Luckwell said: “So little has been done with Reader’s Digest in recent years that there is tremendous potential. I am fortunate in having a terrific Management Team headed by Gary Hopkins, who is CEO of the companies within the group. The company is going at full speed to bring Reader’s Digest into the Digital Age”.



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