When brain injury becomes brilliance

Brain injury has been known to have devastating effects, but what about when the reverse happens and brain injury somehow enhances you as a person? These 5 people each suffered brain injury and became simply quite brilliant!

The instant Beethoven

Brain injury and genius

Derek Amato hit his head in a swimming pool in the autumn of 2006 when he was 39 years old, losing 35 percent of his hearing in one ear and much of his memory. But he gained a miraculous skill: Four days after his accident, Amato sat in a friend’s makeshift music studio and was drawn to an electric keyboard.

He had never had the slightest interest in the instrument and couldn’t read sheet music, but that didn’t stop him from playing a spontaneous concerto … for six hours. After consulting a physician, Amato learned that he’d developed acquired savant syndrome, in which brain damage causes dormant skills to emerge.

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