When brain injury becomes brilliance

Brain injury has been known to have devastating effects, but what about when the reverse happens and brain injury somehow enhances you as a person? These 5 people each suffered brain injury and became simply quite brilliant!

The mistaken mathematician

Mathematical skills after brain injury

When muggers brutally attacked college dropout and furniture-store employee Jason Padgett, 43, in Tacoma, Washington, on December 13, 2002, they gave him a concussion—and a higher IQ.

After the attack, Padgett began to see mathematical formulas and patterns in his surroundings (similar to Nobel Prize–winning mathematician John Nash). Medical tests revealed that his damaged brain is overcompensating in certain areas that most people do not have access to.

Now Padgett turns the designs he sees into intricate, hand-drawn diagrams called fractals and sells them online via Fine Art America.