Keeping your brain active and full of life in a way that is simultaneously beneficial and enjoyable can be a task in itself. Telling stories is an age-old way to engage with others and reward up your brain with activity and sociability, here's how you can use this approach in your life.​ 

Stories to keep your brain alert.

Slowing down mentally is quite a natural part of growing older but, just as with our bodies, our brains like to like to be preoccupied in order to be kept in good working order. Taking part in stimulating mental exercises has proven to be good for our brain health by keeping all the nerve circuits within it active and firing correctly. Not only that, but it also has the added benefit of being enjoyable which rewards us emotionally, especially when the task in question brings with it a sense of achievement.

A few popular mental agility activities include tasks such as crosswords, Sudoku, word searches and number puzzles which are great if you want a ‘quick fix’ for an hour or so every day. However, a long-term project can often bring greater satisfaction and benefit, particularly when the outcome brings a tangible result that can be shown to other people.

Create an autobiography using a company such as LifeBook.

Creating an autobiography is one excellent example of brain-training project and although the prospect of writing your life story might seem somewhat daunting, help is on hand to make the experience not only doable but fun too. By using an autobiography company such as LifeBook, the process of putting your life story onto the printed page becomes both straightforward and pleasurable.

LifeBook works by sending a trained and trusted interviewer to your home for short sessions over approximately a six-month period, during which time you will narrate your family history and the fascinating stories from your life that you would like to pass on for future generations to enjoy. Every interview is recorded so that the information obtained in each one can be turned, through the work of a ghost-writer and an editor, into beautiful hardback hand-sewn copies of your autobiography.

The LifeBook journey is an energising, absorbing and satisfying pastime.

Recalling happy memories from years gone by and the people you have met brings with it a real feel-good factor, so much more so when you can relate these stories to a third party. Then, when you add to this the pleasure of looking through old photographs featuring family members, friends and events, while selecting those for inclusion in your book, you will find the LifeBook journey turns into an energising, absorbing and satisfying pastime.

The LifeBook project keeps an author busy and thinking.

LifeBook authors tell us how much they look forward to their interviewer’s visits, but in between each session there is work to be done that includes thinking about the stories for the next interview and making notes, as well as looking through the review copies, which are sent to authors on a regular basis, to see where amendments and corrections should be made and where more detail needs to be added. In this way, the LifeBook project keeps an author busy and thinking but without taking up too much of their time.

The expert

"Have you ever thought that if we retire at 60 and live till we’re 100, we will have 40 years to fill! That’s 40% of our lives. Sobering thought isn’t it? There are many, many ways we can approach this and each of us will want something different. This topic is all about development, guidance and ideas to rejuvenate and re-engage for the best possible time ever!"

So, if you’re looking for an ongoing activity that keeps your mind active and provides you with a rewarding experience, a LifeBook autobiography could be just the answer.

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Everyone has a story to tell.

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