Beauty entrepreneur Nidhima Kohli shares her tips for women hoping to make it with their own business. 

1. Listen to your gut

My first most important tip for women starting their own business is that you should always follow your gut.

I had lots of people constantly telling me what I should and should not do, just because it was based on their own experiences in being an entrepreneur. It was what had worked for them and I realised that their luck may not be the same for me.

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2. Learn all you can for a startup

Another important bit of advice for anyone starting a business is to make yourself knowledgeable about as many things as you can.

You can’t be an expert at everything, I am definitely not! For instance, I can speak six languages but I can’t write very well in those languages! I also didn't know how to code. So the first things I tried to do was to ensure I understood more of was the technology and editorial areas. However, as a founder, you have to understand sales, accounting, branding, team management and many many more skills (and in my case also beauty).

I found that it does not matter what you have worked in before as you will never be fully equipped in several areas of a business until you dive in and start educating yourself.

A really good tool I used to do all of this was listening to podcasts a lot, as well as reading Blinkist.

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3. Hire the right team

This is really important because the team is what makes or breaks the company, but at the same time also helps the company move faster or slower.

One of my favourite developers always used to say, “If you think hiring an experienced developer is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur”. It's true, it will take you a lot longer to get the work done from an amateur and then their work will probably need to be redone anyway.

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4. Ensure a great culture fit

I'm very personable, and I believe in being honest and open and having fun while working, so anybody who is not down to earth, friendly and hard-working will probably not be a good culture fit for my team.

You need to make sure that you can all work well together and as a founder, ensure your employees are passionate about what they do.

I think for every business the founder has to understand what their key challenges are and what their key weakness are. Then they should surround themselves with the knowledge and the key people they need to overcome those gaps and this will help you make it in the business world.

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5. Learn who to avoid

I faced this issue a lot as a woman starting up a business, especially in the beauty industry. Some individuals instantly assumed I was not intelligent, just because I was starting a beauty business.

At first it would affect me, however, I started to learn who to avoid and how to make sure that these people no longer impact me in a negative way.

Make sure you connect with other startup founders, as these people will be going through the same situations as you will be. They have been my greatest inspiration and also are my greatest friends, as we all help each other and can give great advice.


About Nidhima Kohli

I’ve always had a creative mindset and was always passionate about what I wanted to do but I didn’t always aspire to be in makeup; I wanted to be a Bollywood Film Choreographer.

I went to a professional dance school called The Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, however, the Bollywood life was not for me, and I decided to just keep dancing as my hobby. I focused on working in the finance sector instead as I enjoyed working with numbers, but the glamour of Bollywood beauty was still an important factor to me.

After going on numerous long-haul flights due to work and experiencing different climates and long working hours, my skin started to require closer attention. I visited multiple beauty counters but became frustrated with the biased recommendations I was given due to the sales associates working for the brands they were trying to sell me. I realised that there wasn’t anything out there to help give women impartial recommendations for beauty.



"I was tired of working in finance, and I missed having beautiful skin"



At this point, I was tired of working in finance, and I missed having beautiful skin! I looked into the beauty market and saw a gap that needed to be filled with a solution, this is where My Beauty Matches™ fits in. I spent a full year working with cosmetic scientists and developers to build world’s first personalised beauty price comparison site based on their profile.

Now my love for makeup has become my career, I enjoy seeing my business grow each day and love working with my team who share the same passion for beauty and haircare as I do. 

My Beauty Matches™ is the world's first price comparison Beauty Matching Engine™. It's able to match the algorithm of an individual's skin concerns with an impartial beauty product and can help women not only save time but will also help them save money.

All the individual has to do is to take an online quiz and answer a few questions about their skin type, hair type etc and then products they instantly see beauty products matched to them personally. Take the quiz to find your matches. 


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