It doesn't matter who—or what—you are, sometimes you just have to stop and scratch. 

An itchy ass

Itchy donkey  
Image via Funny-Animal-Pictures



His itch is sending him quackers

itchy duck
Image via Paper Blog


This scratch gets a seal of approval

Itchy seal
Image via The Nature Animal



Scratch some moo-re

Itchy cow



Your car is irrelephant

itchy elephant
Image via YouTube



It's driving him bananas

itchy monkey
Image via YouTube


Oh deer…

itchy deer
Image via Reddit


A beary good scratch

itchy bear
Image via Distractify


The ninth animal in this article was a Slow Loris, the cute critter with huge eyes. Then we saw this video, that explained why tickling Slow Loris' is not a good idea...


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