Family Photo Competition: Under 18 Winners

In March 2014, we set our readers a photography competition. The brief was simple: What does family mean to you in Britain in 2014? The results were astonishing, but we had to pick a winner. Our judge Barry Marsden selects the very best entries from our readers.

Under-18s winner: Rhiane Cunningham

17, from Colchester 

Family Photo winner: Rhiane Cunningham

What Rhiane had to say:

My grandparents, who reads Reader’s Digest every month, saw this competition and passed it on to me. I liked the sound of the brief and decided to give it a go.

I thought up the idea while watching my dog Lucy sit near our boots, wanting to go for a walk. It took quite a few attempts to get her to stay still, but I finally got this shot. I really like this photo because it looks as if my dog is saying, “Can we go for a walk now?” I knew there would be loads of entries, so to find out I won was amazing!

What our judge said:

This image is clever, funny and emotional in equal measure. To portray a whole family without any of them being in the photograph is a masterstroke, and invites the viewer into the narrative—we feel we  know the family from their wellies! And we can tell they’re off camera from the pleading look on the face of the dog. It’s a photo that suggests rather than tells.

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