America's Top 7 Cutest Birds

How do you define cute? What one person thinks is cute, another might not find attractive at all. So “cute,” in and of itself, is tricky. Reader's Digest US put it to the vote, and these cuties came up top. But who do you think is the cutest?


Snowy owl

Snowy Owl Cute Bird

Snowy Owl Facts

  • Native of North America, this beautiful owl can also be found in cave paintings in Europe
  • The oldest-known Snowy Owl is 16 years and 8 months, tagged in Massachusetts in 1988, and found again in 2004
  • The whitest of Snowy Owls — including Harry Potter's Owl, Hedwig — are males, the females tend to be barred brown. Although the darkest males and the lightest females are almost exactly alike 


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