Sight and Stigma: Educating the Blind

Sightsavers’ Put Us in the Picture campaign is calling on the UK government to ensure that people with disabilities are included in international development plans. Now Sightsavers need your help to make as much noise as possible and make sure decision-makers take notice. Find out how access to education transforms these young people's lives, as well as how inclusive education helps change perceptions of people with disabilities. (Then don't forget to sign their petition!)

Jenneh: Bubbly and Cheeky

Jenneh: Sightsavers put us in the picture

The Sightsavers team met 13-year-old Jenneh in Sierra Leone: she was bubbly and cheeky, and the headmaster of her school glowed with pride about her progress.

Jenneh’s blind, and school has made a huge difference in her life. She’s been taught how to type and read Braille, she has lots of friends – “they love me and I love them” – and she’s learned to navigate her way around independently. “I’m doing well in school,” she says. “When the teacher asks questions, I’ll stand up, I’ll answer. The teachers love me so much for that, because I’m well capable in class.” Jenneh’s more than capable – she consistently gets top marks. In the future Jenneh wants to be a teacher, and we have no doubt she’ll be a brilliant one.

By contrast, meeting 15-year-old Nabirye in Uganda was disheartening... 

Image: Peter Caton/Sightsavers
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