7 Incredible Heroic Animal Stories

Never to be taken for granted by their human counterparts, animals have proven their loyalty time and time again. It’s no wonder we continue to interact and look after these creatures. You will not believe these incredible stories of the most heroic pets on the planet!


Cat detects Cancer

Can animals detect disease?

The answer is a resounding “yes”, according to Wendy Humphries, 52, a mother of two from the UK.

Wendy was spurred to seek medical attention when her ten-month-old kitten, Fidge, began jumping on her right breast every night as she lay on the sofa.

“She would jump onto it every night for a fortnight. I went to see my GP because I thought it was bruised,” says Wendy.

The doctor found a pea-sized lump in the right breast. It turned out to be cancer – which could have metastised and killed her if it hadn’t been detected so early on.

Chemotherapy and a mastectomy have saved Wendy’s life – but Wendy credits her good luck to Fidge’s sixth sense. In Germany and Japan, research dogs have been shown to accurately identify patients with cancer, but this is the first time a cat is believed to have cancer-sniffing abilities.

“I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think cats were capable of that – I thought it was only dogs,” says Wendy.

A dog with a difference...

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