7 Amazing Extinct Animals We Want to See Resurrected!

In our September issue we featured a wonderful article about a group of scientists attempting to resurrect extinct animals. Top of their list is the Passenger Pigeon, but there are a whole array of weird and wonderful animals we'd love to have science resurrect. Take a look at these 7 extinct animals we would like to see roaming the Earth once more...

Giant Ground Sloth

Giant Ground Sloth

Extinction: Holocene Era (10,000 years ago)

  • The largest ground sloth was the size of an elephant.
  • Their claws could reach 50cm in length; that's the size of a human forearm.
  • The Ground Sloth was nothing like any other animal to have roamed the earth, with a tiny head, slim shoulders and massive hind quarters.
  • Despite their huge claws and intimidating appearance, these sloths, like their modern day tree sloth predecessors, were herbivores. 


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