cats are good for your health

Woo-ooo, it’s Halloween and there’s no avoiding the pictures of black cats everywhere. But throw superstition out the...

Funny animals from around the world

Cute, candid photos of animals from around the world.

smol seal

Staff at Woburn Safari Park were delighted this month to welcome a new addition to their fold: this two week old sea lion pup is the...

In western Mongolia, Kazakh nomads lovingly preserve an age-old tradition.

cute goat

These adorable photos of goats just being themselves show exactly why they've become our favourite animal. 

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These adorable pups prove that there's no better best man than man's best friend. These 10 photos are as cute as they are...

animals in jumpers

Feeling the chill? You're not alone. These animals are keeping toasty thanks to the magic of some very keen knitting needles. Now...

pets who ruined christmas

Santa's little helpers? Hardly. Meet the pets who have gone out of their way to ruin Christmas day for everyone. Bah humbug!