garden shed organisation

Save yourself the stress of rummaging through boxes every time you delve into the depths of your garden shed. Read on to find out...

how to attract bumblebees

Everyone knows how to attract wasps. Simply light a barbecue or lay down a picnic blanket and they’ll come a...

growing beans

They’re tasty, easy to grow and come in a huge range of varieties—no veg plot should be without a least one patch for beans...

raised flower bed

This traditional technique could provide you with a bumper veggie crop. Here's how to get the best from raised beds. 

garden party

Make the most of your outdoor space and entertain friends and family al fresco.


Most plants appreciate a feed to stock up on essential nutrients for strong, healthy growth and we believe that natural nourishment is...

wildlife in your garden

Welcome wildlife into your garden with these simple measures to help boost a healthy ecosystem.

organic weeding guide

A gardener who hates weeding has picked the wrong hobby. Anyone who tends gardens or toils on an allotment will spend large...