Natural Air Fresheners for the Home

Leave it to Mother Nature to come up with some of the best air-filtering devices around—indoor houseplants. NASA made picking the best of these for your home an easy task, because they studied the air-cleaning abilities of many different plant species (fresh air in space stations can be pretty hard to come by). These plants not only filter basic impurities out of the air, they can also remove more harmful industrial chemicals. NASA recommends using up to 18 houseplants around the house for maximum benefit, but even a few will have a beneficial effect on the air in a specific room—the ones listed below are some of the best.

Spider Plant

(Chlorophytum comosum)

Spider plant natural air freshener

This durable specimen comes from tropical Africa, so it's well suited to a cushy life in a warm, insulated house. The plant features a graceful shape, with two-toned arching leaves. It's great at filtering out the industrial pollutants xylene and toluene, in addition to general impurities.

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