6 Lovely DIY Lighting Ideas for Your Home

If you are looking to give your home a fresh look, consider doing it with lighting. There are plenty of DIY solutions available to you and you can't go far wrong with these 6 ideas for funky home lighting with inspirational images from around the internet, take a look...

Make a light-diffusing slipcover for a shade

light diffusing slip cover

Lamplight often owes its beauty more to the lampshade than the bulb. To soften harsh light from a fabric or paper shade, try a gathered slipcover – it is especially easy for a round shade. Check flame-retardent remnants and the linen cupboard for a lightweight fabric in a pale-to-medium colour or pattern and a piece of narrow ribbon to gather up the fabric.

  • Cut the material about twice as wide as the smaller circumference of the shade (wider for a shade with one very wide end) and about 5cm longer than the top-to-bottom measurement. Piece together the fabric if necessary, perhaps alternating solid and patterned panels.  
  • Sew the short sides of the fabric together. Fold over and stitch the top and bottom edges to make 1cm pockets, leaving a small opening in each. Now take the ribbon and cut lengths twice as long as the shade’s top and bottom circumferences and wrap one end of each length tightly with adhesive tape, so it looks like the tip of a shoelace.
  • Thread the ribbon through the pockets, playing with the fabric so the gathers are evenly distributed. Tie off any excess ribbon as little bows. To secure the cover, tack down the top and bottom edges with thread or double-sided fabric tape. The finished lampshade will look as soft and pretty as the lamplight. Caution: halogen lights get very hot, so stick with heat-appropriate shades for those lamps. 
Image Source: A Sort of Fairy Tale
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