6 Lovely DIY Lighting Ideas for Your Home

If you are looking to give your home a fresh look, consider doing it with lighting. There are plenty of DIY solutions available to you and you can't go far wrong with these 6 ideas for funky home lighting with inspirational images from around the internet, take a look...

Perk up your lampshades

Perk up your lampshade

Did you know that you can spray-paint a fabric shade to give it a new look? And you won’t have to buy paint if you have some craft paint or leftover emulsion on hand. 

  • Using a ratio of 1 part paint to 10 parts water, mix enough to fill a 500-ml plastic spray bottle. Ensure that the lampshade is clean and free of dust. Protect the inside of the shade with paper secured by masking tape.
  • Begin by spraying a light, even coat; let it dry. Spray on more paint, drying between coats, until you have achieved the intensity of colour that you want. 
  • Add a design by using masking tape to make vertical or diagonal stripes. Or cut shapes from a coated paper, attaching them to the unpainted shade with spray adhesive (follow instructions for a temporary bond). 
  • After spray painting, remove the cutouts once the paint is dry. For a soft, mottled effect, use the same paint formula and dab paint, a little at a time, directly onto the shade with a natural sponge. The fabric will diffuse the colour, creating a light and airy look. 
Image Source: James Merrell for House to Home