Natural products that enhance vitality

Focused on producing natural products that have solid scientific evidence for enhancing vitality and promoting an active life, New Nordic products are manufactured in Scandinavia to an uncompromising quality, which makes the New Nordic "Silver Tree" trademark a guarantee for high quality health supplements that are trusted by millions and sold in more than 50,000 health stores worldwide. Quality is the cornerstone of this brand, founded to meet demand for herbal food supplements that met the demands of health conscious people.

Their range of products can support a variety of health related issues including weight loss, stomach concerns, tired legs, digestion, cognitive function, menopause, hair & beauty, eyes and anti-ageing. Check out the gallery to see what product will best support you and enjoy an exclusive 20% off any product in the range, just click here and use the code Readers17 at checkout. Offer ends 31/10.



Blue Berry™ Eyebright tablets contain blueberry, tagetes flower standardized to contain 10 mg lutein per daily dose, and eyebright. Lutein is a carotenoid naturally found in the macula of the eye - the part of the eye responsible for central vision.


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You can also try Blue Berry™ Eyebright Mega contain blueberry, tagetes flower standardised to contain 10 mg lutein, eyebright, vitamin A, zinc and copper. Vitamin A (eye-vitamin) and zinc plays a vital role for maintenance of healthy vision and are essential nutrients for maintaining vitality.