Deaf No More: Technology Enables Mother To Hear Once More

Molly Brown lost her hearing at the age of 24, but technology enabled this mother of three to hear her children once again. This is her story.

Technology enables mother to hear again

Molly Brown, a 45-year-old mother of three is completely deaf as a result of neu-rofibromatosis type II (NFII), a rare genetic disease. It strikes producing tumours on the auditory, or hearing, nerves. The tumours almost always render those nerves useless. Once, the onset of NFII would have made Brown’s hearing loss an irreversible fact. But her, thanks to a Penetrating Auditory Brainstem Implant (PABI) this is not the case. As part of a clinical trial, doctors planted 22 microelectrodes in and on the surface of her brainstem. When current flows through the electrodes, it stimulates the neurons in her brain that perceive different pitches of sound.  The result?

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