What your hospital doctor won't tell you

Planning a hospital stay? Arm yourself with the insider knowledge of medical professionals to help you prepare.

2. you have more rights than you may realise

British GP talking to young male patient
  • You have the right to go to any NHS hospital. Unless you need urgent treatment or maternity or mental health services, you’re not limited to the few offered by Choose and Book. Tell your GP where you want to go, and if the Primary Health Trust that controls budgets won’t play ball, complain to their Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).
  • Once in hospital, I can’t throw you out without warning. If you haven’t been consulted about your discharge or don’t have sufficient support, ask for a review. Then you shouldn’t be discharged at night, as happens to almost 8,000 people a week.
  • The complaints department is downstairs. Most hospitals have a PALS office, so pop down there or send a friend if you’re aggrieved.