Soothe and prevent sunburn with this sunburn guide

The British are terrible at looking after their skin when the sun is out. The slightest hint of a beautiful day and it's towels out in the garden, shirts off, and bare as much skin to the sun's rays as possible. It's no wonder the Brits are notorious when it comes to sore, red, sunburnt holiday skin. That's why we've compiled this list to help you stay safe in the sun, soothe those horrible burns and protect yourself.

Prevention is better than treatment

child in hat in the sun
The best way to soothe sunburn is not to get it in the first place by following these simple steps:
  • Children and the fair-skinned in particular should keep covered up in strong sunlight, wear a wide-brimmed hat and stay in the shade.
  • Infants should be kept out of the sun entirely. Invest in sunshades for pushchairs and car windows, and consider buying a UV-protected tent for them to play in outside.
  • Use a sunscreen with a high protection factor. Apply a generous amount before you go out in the sun. Re-apply regularly – at least every 2 or 3 hours – and after going for a swim.

But if you do get burned...

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