Recipe: Imam bayildi & garlic-yogurt sauce

This Turkish dish literally translates as “the Imam fainted”—such is the sheer joy that it was said to elicit....

Why you should eat seeds

They’re healthy, easy to transport and, above all, delicious. A new book reveals why you should eat more seeds—and how to...

crushed beans on toast

A sophisticated, fresh-flavoured version of the canned snack, using butter beans, an excellent source of protein and fibre.

 Stilton rarebit with pears and walnuts

A classic combination of nutty and sweet flavours transforms this dish into a delicious snack for almost any time of day.

cottage cheese pancakes

Cottage cheese adds unusual lightness to these pancakes. The berries lend a natural sweetness as well as fibre and vitamin C to this...

overnight porridge

Soaking oatmeal overnight makes it more digestible, and saves time on busy mornings. Porridge makes a perfect, healthy start to the day...

breakfast stack recipe

A healthy way to enjoy the traditional British breakfast, grilled not fried, but with all the flavour of the original. 

Winter salads

These delicious winter salads are quick to make and interesting to eat with their varied colours and textures. If that’s not...