11 Best British Cakes

Put the kettle on—it’s time for a slice of something delicious! With the nation bang in the middle of a baking revival, we have cake recipes to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Those on a diet may want to look away now.


Guiness Cake

Yes, yes, we know that Guinness is Irish, but we felt this cake was just too delicious to leave out! It follows a strong tradition in regional cooking of slipping a little of the local tipple into the baking mixture—in this case, the fruits are often soaked in the malty, creamy drink overnight. The resulting dark fruitcake keeps very well —in fact, some recipes suggest it’s best stored for a week before being eaten. If you want to veer away from tradition, Nigella Lawson does a high-calorie version with chocolate, which she says is “magnificent in its damp blackness”.

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