From Vietnamese flavours to a twist on old favourites, there’s a sandwich to suit every taste.

Thankfully, the British sandwich has gone from being the butt of many jokes—mostly based on the woeful offerings from British Rail—to a haven of inventiveness to can be found in your local deli. But when making something yourself, either to eat at home or to take with you for a picnic, it’s nice to have a few new ideas. Here are ten for your next sandwich—without a single piece of limp sliced bread in sight.


1. Steak bánh mì

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A bánh mì is a Vietnamese sandwich made on bread incorporating rice flour, and including pickles and Siracha chili sauce. You can substitute a baguette for the bread, and the quick pickles take no time at all to make, but give a crispy bite and really lift the sandwich above the norm. This is really well worth trying—delicious!

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2. Nori wraps: sardines, sprouts and sauerkraut

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As you probably know, the sandwich was purportedly invented by the Earl of Sandwich so that he didn’t have to leave the gambling table to eat: its essential raison d'être is portability. These nori wraps are closer to sushi than a traditional sandwich, but satisfy that primary requirement. The flavour combination of sardines and sauerkraut— sharp and tangy offset by oily fish—does sound good to me.

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3. Grilled halloumi & red pepper burgers

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Grilled halloumi, practically a wonder of the modern world, is delicious. It holds its shape when cooked, so is perfect for a recipe such as these thickly stuffed burgers, where the cheese is served with griddled peppers and courgettes.

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4. The Scandinavian rye smörgåsbord

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The other end of the sandwich spectrum now: Smörgåsbord, or single-sided sandwich, served on rich, tasty rye bread. A well-loved combination of pickles and cheese is garnished with fresh dill for a true Scandinavian flavour.

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5. Peach and pastrami sandwiches with peppery mayo

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A sandwich containing pastrami (beef that has been brined and then smoked) just shouts “New York” to me (or even “Noo Yawk”), served wrapped in greaseproof paper from your local deli. Here’s one to make at home, made with peaches for sweetness and complemented by peppery mayo.

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6. Sun-dried tomato chicken salad wraps

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For absolute portability, a wrap is the way to go. For travelling, wrap them up in foil and you can just peel it off as you eat. Here, sun-dried tomatoes are used rather than fresh, so they won’t make everything soggy.

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7. Spicy chunky tuna sandwich

Image via Two Purple Figs

Sometimes, it’s the time and place for a delicate cucumber sandwich with the crust cut off. And sometimes, you want something hearty and filling—that’ll keep you going during a hard-working afternoon. Here’s a roll groaning with tuna, avocado and salad. I really like the olive on the cocktail stick as a quick and easy little garnish.

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8. Raw vegan collard wraps recipe

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This is a long way from a traditional sandwich. No bread, but using collard greens as a wrap, and filled with a vegan mix of nuts, alfalfa sprouts, and red peppers.

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9. Stuffed picnic loaf

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Picnic loaves—where you hollow out a round loaf, and fill it with all sorts of delights—are particularly perfect if you have to leave first thing in the morning. They’re best if they have time to sit in the fridge overnight and mature, and let the flavours muddle together. You can put anything you like in, but here’s a recipe to get you started.

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10. Leftover porridge oatmeal bread

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We haven’t had too many sliced bread sandwiches in this round up, but sometimes your favourite filling between two slices of well-made bread is exactly what you’re looking for. Add some interest to the wrapping and reduce food waste by making this leftover porridge bread. Hearty and filling, it’s just the thing for a meal on the go when you need a sandwich that will hold together.

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