If your crowning glory is in need of some nourishment, try mixing up your styling regime with some of our hero products, easily accessible in local drugstores and online.

Autumn can be a tricky time for black and afro hair. With rough winds, dry central heating and cold snaps putting this moisture-craving texture through the ringer, it is a season that requires a strict haircare regimen to keep kinks and curls at their best…


Lush RnB leave-in conditioner

With a thick, custard-like substance, Lush’s Revive and Balance leave-in conditioner is a delight to run through your locks.

Rich in avocado, orange flower, oat milk and coconut oil, a little goes a very long way, working to define curls and soothe a dry scalp.

For those who are more kink than curl, apply liberally before bed and twist hair in sections before popping on a silk scarf – you’ll wake in the morning with a glossy, bouncy mane.

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Organic root stimulator olive oil sheen spray

A staple of black haircare stores, the ORS Olive Oil range is one of the most affordable and extensive on the market, offering a range of relaxers, heat protective styling and of course, shampoo and conditioner.

If you are to invest in one product this autumn, it should be their sheen spray—delicate in smell and application due to its tiny nozzle, it’s ideal for those who find that their hair strips easily post-shampoo.

Massage into the scalp to prevent dandruff or temporarily revive dead ends in a pinch. The travel size will even fit in most makeup bags.

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OGX Anti-breakage keratin oil conditioner

Plenty has been made as to the supposed virtues of "co-washing" (washing hair with only conditioner instead of shampoo), but while the results truly remain to be seen, it’s fair to say that OGX deserves some place in your regimen.

A generous 385ml, you’ll recognize it’s chunky pink bottle, formulated with keratin proteins and nourishing argan oil that will help out those who like to use heat styling. Proven to be effective on all hair types, this is the ideal conditioner to stock at home with a mixed family of different hair textures.

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Dark & Lovely inch by inch strengthening balm

Maintaining length can be one of the hardest challenges for afro hair, especially in the autumn when it is often swept into a scarf or tucked up in damaging elastic hair ties.

Dark & Lovely’s strengthening balm aims to reverse this damage by rebuilding hair fibre with honey and guarana roots, filling gaps in hair follicles to provide support.

Best of all, it smells divine—harking back to summer holidays, it’ll help you through those winter blues.


The Afro Hair and Skin company flourish hair butter

100 per cent natural and vegan-friendly, the Afro Hair and Skin Company are fast making a name for themselves in the realms of independent beauty.

Made with a blend of organic walnut butter, flaxseed, and poppy seed, this lightweight formula restores life without weighing down your curls.

Suitable for natural hair, locs and chemically treated hair, it’s a bit of a treat at £18.50 per 100ml with a shelf life of nine months, but the natural ingredients and stylish, minimal packaging will look perfectly at home in any bathroom. 


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