Reasons to be Cheerful: Classic Albums?

Our record collections define us! Don't Let anyone take your precious music away from you. James Brown discusses how music allows him to access special memories that no one's taking away from him.

Classic Albums and memories

Somewhere in your house I’ll bet you’ve got a stack of albums leaning against a record player, or a shelf of CDs. Even if you’ve embraced the era of iTunes and iPods, I know you’ve still got these. I have.

Right now, the kitchen table is covered with hundreds of CDs I’ve just carried down from the cupboard in the spare room. One of them –maybe Black Grape, Serge Gainsbourg, Sonny Boy Williamson, Kid Creole (I’ve listened to them all while writing this) – is spinning in what now looks like an ancient CD player. It seems so old-fashioned compared with selecting songs on the computer.

The table, though, is a scene to behold: an inner-city skyline of sharp-edged plastic towers with brightly coloured sleeves inside. I was never as big a fan of CDs as vinyl – the plastic cases frequently cracked, and when I was very drunk and listening to Led Zeppelin with my windows open, I’d sometimes get carried away and frisbee discs out down the hill into the streets below.


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