5 Must-See Movies this March

This month is brimming with brilliant and thought-provoking movies for us to watch. From Still Alice to Mommy, we list the top 5 movies to watch this March.

Still Alice

Still Alice

This isn’t the first mainstream film to address the thorny subject of Alzheimer’s disease and its wider effects, but Julianne Moore’s award-winning performance should put it firmly on the moving-drama map. Moore plays Alice, a celebrated linguistics professor who is diagnosed with early-onselt Alzheimer’s. As she struggles to stay connected to the academic, mother and wife that she once was, her husband (Alec Baldwin) and three children must cope with the changes unfolding in front of them.

Adapted from the 2009 best-seller by Lisa Genova, Still Alice shines a light on the devastating effects of dementia, and in doing so is guaranteed to provoke a tear or two.

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