The November edition of Reader's Digest is on the newsstands. Here are our favourite stories from this month's mag. 

Sandi Toksvig "This is the most fun I've ever had!"

Sandi Tosvig

As Sandi takes over the reigns of BBC favourite QI, we caught up with her and had a good old chin wag about… well… it seems not a topic was unturned. A chat with Sandi Toksvig, it seems, has something for everyone as this outtake reveals:

"Do you know that you can make Angel Delight explode?" Says Sandi with glee. "It's brilliant fun, but maybe do it in the garden. Get some Angel Delight and a tea-light. Light the tea-light, stand on a chair and sprinkle the Angel Delight from above. Boom!"


Witchcraft in Nigeria: Breaking the spell

A combination of Christianity and native pagan religions has produced fertile ground for superstition.

Says Unicef: "Christian preachers, particularly from a charismatic Pentecostal churches, have become part of the already-rich mix of culture and tradition in Central Africa. Whipping up emotions and charging families for exorcisms, these preachers have turned children's suffering into a lucrative business... Children are beaten and tortured to "confess" and even buried alive, beheaded or stabbed to death."

We meet the Danish woman who sold everything she owned to rescue children accused of witchcraft.


Christmas gift guide

christmas gifts presents

Yes, the shopping days are already running out. Christmas will be here before you know it, if you're not already penning your gift list then It's time to get inspired. We've asked our columnists for their top tips, covering everyone—even the difficult one.


Who's looking after you?

The 60 candles on the cake have been blown out, the free bus pass has been applied for and you're getting used to your new 'pensioner' title. So what now? In the last of our three-part series looking at the future of care, Eimear O'Hagan meets the over-60s taking matters into their own hands. Four very different pensioners and four very different past times keep them fighting fit, healthy and happy.


The 100-Word-Story competition

100 word story competition

The ultra-short-story competition is back for its seventh year, so send us your tiny tale! It launches on the 21st October and you can submit your story here. Find examples from top authors and previous entrants in the mag.


The future of flight

Economy is getting an upgrade! Flying, for many of us, has turned from a thrilling experience into a tiresome ordeal. But now the aero-industry is seeing a global trend towards using technology to put passengers firmly back in their comfort zone. Gadgets, storage, meals, leg space: take a look at the innovations in store.


Best of British bakeries

baking cookies

From superlative sourdough to first-class cakes, the trend for baking is firmly on the rise! Our top UK bakeries are housed in:

  • London
  • Cumbria
  • Londonderry
  • Dorset
  • East Lothian
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol

Find out which bakeries made the cut.


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