5 100-word stories from celebrated authors

Want to submit to the Reader's Digest 100-word story competition? Take inspiration from these best-selling authors.

Sue Limb

Sue Limb

Clarissa sat by her garden pond and wondered if there was a God: a glorious world up there where everything would be perfect. Her goldfish Henry peered up through the twinkling water. He knew she was God, because he dimly glimpsed her up above, and believed in her glorious world where everything was perfect. Clarissa threw Henry a handful of rainbow pellets.

“The Supreme Being loves me and looks after me,” thought Henry. “And when I die, she will take me to her bosom and I shall nestle there for all eternity.”

Clarissa did love Henry, but not that much.

Sue is a writer and broadcaster. Her latest book, Chocolate SOS is out now.