5 100-word stories from celebrated authors

Want to submit to the Reader's Digest 100-word story competition? Take inspiration from these best-selling authors.

Robert Thorogood

Robert Thorogood

There’s no such thing as a victimless crime.
Or so they say.
As my wife hugged me, I realised that she still didn’t know about all my affairs—or my plans to clean out her bank accounts and start a new life without her.
She was smiling as she stepped back from me.
That’s when I noticed the knife in her hand. A knife that was dripping with blood.
And I’d never felt a thing.
Pain screamed into my chest, I collapsed to my knees, and I realised that maybe my wife had just committed a victimless crime after all…

Creator of Death in Paradise, Robert Thorogood’s debut novel, A Meditation on Murder, is out now (£12.99)

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