Ten Sizzling Books for Summer

Summer reads, holiday escapism, books for the beach… call them what you will, but the selection below of award-winning novels, mysteries, thrillers, adventures and love stories will help you get away from your daily routines or remove yourself from family distractions. With lashings of humour and shocking surprises, these are books to be savoured today, shared with family and friends and returned to again and again in years to come.

The Bees
Laline Paull

The Bees, Laline Paul

This sensational epic, described as Animal Farm meets The Handmaid’s Tale, is set in the mysterious world of bees. Accept, Obey, Serve is life’s purpose in this totalitarian society, where only the Queen can have babies, where the Drones are lewd and the Kindness is anything but. Flora 717 is our heroine in this breathtakingly imaginative debut novel. She’s born a Sanitation Worker, the lowest of the low, who defies the rules of hive society – with consequences. You’ll never look at bees in the same way again.

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