100-Word-Story Competition: Vote for your favourite

We've been amazed by the quality of submissions to our 100-Word-Story Competition! After reading through thousands of entries, we've finally come up with a shortlist. Now it's your turn to pick the winners!

You have one vote in each category. Select your favourites and don't forget to hit submit at the very bottom of the page. 

Voting closes at 5pm on March 20 2017. We'll publish the winners and runners-up in the June issue of the magazine.


I Was a Sparrow Once

Do you know that birds dream of becoming people? I had that dream once, just once. The second the idea occurred to me I was falling, rushing to the ground, flailing and tumbling and heavy, so very heavy. 

I lay in the park for an hour, on the wet grass, unable to get up, lifting and dropping my unfamiliar human arms like they were oars, screeching 'Oh!' through a hole where a beak once was. 

Life is good now, living in the hospital. A nice lady is teaching me to sing again, and each week I meet with the Ornithologist. 


In Memory of Mr Husk

Here lies Mr Husk. 

Those eyes that stole a thousand hearts, seen through no more. The smile that brought 100 girls to bed is now a crust of yellow headstones hammered into greying head. The fingers of comforting caress are talons of this mildew man; those talons bear no rings. 

Here lies Mr Husk.

An abandoned lothario, seducer of the spiders now. The dusty scent of once smooth, seamless skin accompanies his cold undress. Here's rest now, Mr Husk. In memories you shall prevail, but then again, these belles of yours haven't stopped by. 

Just the priest and I. 


Viewing Is Essential

This modern third-floor apartment includes:

Entrance Hall where they squeezed in their furniture on moving in day. 

Kitchen diner where he spun her around when she opened the letter offering her the job.

Tiled flooring that felt cold on her cheek when she woke up hungover, forgetting he’d gone.

The property also benefits from:

Ground floor entrance where they left each other romantic notes in their post box.

On-street permit parking where he took a few deep breaths before driving away.

Close to city centre amusements, where they first met and could only see the sun. 

Viewing is essential.


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Wishes: Not All, But Some

I pull the ropes of the sail hoping, wishing, that by some miracle I could control the storm; however, many have learnt that not all wishes come true. Some wish for wealth and never receive it, others wish for joy and never find it and many wish for love and never discover it.

That day I wished for freedom. I had wanted to be released and that is why I went to out to sea.

"Why have you forsaken me?" I shouted to the moon and it responded with a wave that split my boat.

Some dreams do come true.


The Puppy's Music

The puppy turned the radio’s dial and wagged his little tail merrily as the delightful music filled his ears. He shut his eyes and let the music take over his small body.

It started with subtle movements, each of his paws tapping and then his small soft head decided to join in. It was bobbing up and down like a boat on a calm sea.

He had never heard this sort of music before. The puppy had always thought that there was something wrong with his human’s taste in music; it was absolutely dreadful. But this was something very different.



I found what I thought was lost today. 

The grizzled teddy from our youth; the one we fought over in the toy shop. You made me cry. Our bond was later sealed with sweeties and petty secrets. We shared that mascot through the weeks, the years, like a childish game. As much as it was.

I claimed I lost it. You would always find it like buried treasure. 

“Never say lost, only misplaced,” you had told me, “lost is giving up.” Your smile glistened and I made it glow with a kiss.

Our childhood ended.

You lost me. Not misplaced.


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Under 12s


Once upon a time, in a green leaved oak tree, there lived a furry squirrel. He didn't have any friends. He lived in a comfortable tree, he didn't know it had a cross on it. 

The next day, a big woodcutter came to the squirrel's home. The woodcutter saw the cross, he realised he had to cut it down. The squirrel looked up and saw his home broken. He started to cry. The woodcutter picked him up.  

He gave him a cuddle and said, "You are the right size to go in my pocket."

They became friends forever and ever.


The Cloud

Doodle was a small, lonely, and glum cloud. He rose, he fell, he drifted. But that was all about to change.

Midnight, and doodle was blown into a deadly storm. Tossed this way and that, lightening rolled him like a bowling ball.

He awoke in Japan, startled and unsure. Lights lit up the starry sky, cars honked, billboards flickered. 

Confused, upset and scared, Doodle began to weep as the whole city popped up their colourful patterned umbrellas. 

Drifting back over volcanoes, oceans and forests, he decided the world was too big and wild for this little blissful cloud of adventures.


My Superhero Story

There were three superheroes called Jim, Sally and Tommy. Jim had super strength and Sally had super speed. Tommy just had blue eyes and brown hair.

One day, Jim and Sally went on a mission and Tommy stayed at home. He was watching TV and made a hot chocolate. Then he heard a lady crying and zoomed outside and saw an old lady on the road with a car coming.

Tommy saved her which took a long time because she couldn't hear properly. The old lady said thank you, you are my hero. So Tommy's powers became being super kind.


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